Kendra is an interior
stylist who specializes
in private residences, photo styling, and
creative consulting.


“Through a product photoshoot project, I had the opportunity to work with Kendra. From meeting to planning to execution, Kendra has gone above and beyond the project scope and expectations. Her involvement in the project has improved the overall result tremendously. This all comes from Kendra’s passion in her work of styling and art direction.”

Alvin Kwan, Art Director and Owner, Studio Faculty


“I worked closely with Kendra for two years on Bench's brand and visual direction for content production. We worked on projects that ranged from styled photoshoots to advertising campaign videos. What I enjoyed most about working with Kendra was that we could easily bounce ideas off one another, and she was always one step ahead of me. Her styling taste is impeccable, and I am always excited to see what she brings to the table. It is always a pleasure working with Kendra!”

Taby Cheng, Photographer + Videographer  


Kendra works out of One Room Studio, and so can you! The studio is available for photo shoots and small workshops.

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