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Modern Art to Update Your Space

Welcome to 2019! I always want to update my space a little when this time of year rolls around, and art is such a nice way to do that. If you’re feeling the same way, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite art prints from around the internet. Consider this your encouragement to spruce things up a bit.

You can click through on any of these images to shop!

As you probably know, Etsy is a treasure trove for art. It’s a great way to buy original pieces and prints from upcoming and established artists, and support small businesses.

Digital print downloads are a new discovery for me (I’m probably behind the curve on this one) but I think it’s such a great idea. You can get a beautiful design from an artist, without having to pay for shipping or wait for the order to arrive. You simply download after you’ve purchased the image, and then have it printed (just take it to your neighbourhood printer). I love the Etsy shop Hearts in Colors for their minimal, elegant designs.

These simple prints are so pretty and calm.

Jenny Komenda’s shop Juniper is another of my favourites right now. She offers both digital downloads and physical prints. She has worked with artists to amass a beautiful collection. Lots of really lovely abstract florals and some vintage paintings of people.

I’m smitten with this one. Alice is a vintage painting that Jenny has had in her collection for years. I love the quiet it exudes.

These abstract floral pairings would be so cool above a really modern sofa like this one.

Where do you like to shop for art? This is just the tip of the iceberg of where I do my hunting, but they’re definitely some favourites at the moment.

A Springtime Bouquet

While it's nice to keep it simple with an easy grouping of one type of flower, sometimes you just have to go for it and create something new. The next time you have  a free morning, head to your local florist and grab a few types of greenery, two different pretty little blooms, and 3-5 stems of something really show-y and special. Play around and create an arrangement you like. I tend to lean towards arrangements that are a bit wild and free, but with delicate flowers incorporated. Experiment and see what you like to make!


Do you tend to lean towards groupings of a single type of flower, or do you prefer something more like this?