Here’s what is currently in the works! I love to have a few irons in the fire at any given time, and these are the ones in progress at the moment.


Object & Form is a website that gathers the best of Amazon home goods, including tableware, decor, and even cleaning products. There’s so much on Amazon, but it can be hard (or unappealing) to comb through it all to find what you need. I built Object & Form to create a resource for people to make it easier to find well designed, beautiful products for their home.


Sit w/ Us is a meditation and co-mentorship circle that I am in the beginning stages of putting together. The sessions will include a group meditation and then a co-mentorship discussion where we cover a specific topic related to life and creative pursuits. I want to build Sit w/ Us as a way to create community in Vancouver that is centred around inclusiveness, authenticity, and growth.