At Bench, I worked on both digital and print designs. I frequently worked with the Digital Ad Manager to create seasonal ad campaigns. Sometimes these ads are a part of a larger campaign. The ads above were a part of the Tax Campaign 2017, which included videos, photos, and digital banner ads. This was an exciting project because I designed the sets for the campaign images, so I was able art direct these visuals from beginning to end.



Our Business Development and People teams needed a way to brand their conference booths. They are easy to travel with and set up, they have an strong impact in a large convention space, and they can be used for both BD and recruiting needs. The illustrations were done by our freelance illustrator.  


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.34.43 PM.png

For my ecommerce store, I produced a line of textiles to sell alongside vintage home products. I painted the patterns before digitizing the designs and printed them through a fabric manufacturer. I also designed the brand and rolled it out through additional collateral such as business cards, postcards for each order, hang tags, etc. It was an exciting experience to design a product that people could use in their day-to-day lives and to create a brand that would live offline as well.

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