Bringing brands to life in photo and video is one of my favorite aspects of my work. In both my role at Bench and my freelance work, I art direct and do prop styling, set design, and production for photo and video shoots. 


For this campaign, I worked with our Design Lead and in-house Videographer to produce a series of video and photo ads aimed at stressed-out business owners during tax season. I was responsible for set design and production and worked on the overall art direction along with our Design Lead.  


I produced this shoot in order to give my freelance studio, Sally Jane, a more definitive brand identity. It was important to me that Sally Jane represent how real women live in their homes. This series was a styled shoot that focuses on this woman and her life at home.


I worked with the Art Directors at Studio Faculty and videographers at Hera Films to produce product and lifestyle shots for Lojel. I was responsible for bringing the brand's personas to life through prop styling. 

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At Bench, I'm responsible for all set design and prop styling. I work closely with our in-house photographer to produce and art direct all photo and video shoots.


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