Small but mighty. One Room is a natural light photo studio and workshop space in Vancouver.

Based in the heart of Gastown, the studio is perfect for portrait and still life shoots, or for intimate workshops and client meetings.

  • 14-foot ceilings

  • Large, south facing windows

  • Hardwood floors

One Room Studio comes equipped with three coloured seamless backdrops and a range of fabrics that can be used as tablecloths, props, or as backdrops. There is also a large collection of props that I’ve pulled together to complete your shot, including tabletop and housewares. For workshops and meetings, we have a long table and 6 seats. With an abundance of south-facing light, the studio is perfectly equipped for your next shoot or gathering.

  • 3 coloured seamless backdrops

  • Range of fabrics that can be used as props, tablecloths, or backdrops

  • Tabletop and housewares to be used as props

  • Acrylic plinths that are perfect for photographing your floral designs or styling your product shots

  • Table and seats for 6 people


Studio Rates

Hourly — $85

Half Day (4 hrs) — $180

Full Day (8 hrs) — $300


Rent the studio for:

  • Portrait photoshoots

  • Still life photoshoots

  • Product photoshoots

  • Intimate workshops (the space fits up to 6 people comfortably)

  • Client meetings


Rent the studio.

We’re located at 309 W Cordova Street in Vancouver, British Columbia.


We’d love to have you in! Please contact us to rent the studio.

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