Sally Jane


Sally Jane is an interiors and lifestyle brand. We design and celebrate homes that real women live in and love in.


I built the Sally Jane brand because I saw a hole in the interiors market. There weren't many designers working with young, design-savvy women. These aren't women who are at a place to renovate a large home or put a lot of time or money into the space. They want to find accessible, attainable ways to elevate their surroundings and make their everyday more enjoyable.


The women I work with are young professionals. They often know what they're looking for, and they know their own taste, but they need help getting there. Some of them prefer to hand the project off and in that case my job includes both aesthetic design planning and project management. In other cases, it's a day-to-day collaboration with the client, ensuring their vision comes to life through the objects, colours, and layouts we select together.


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