Tax Campaign 2017

In fall of 2016, we started conceptualizing what our 2017 tax campaign could look like. We're work in the fintech space, but at our core, we're a design and service company. It was important to us that our campaign communicate the feeling of calm and security that Bench provides, especially during the stress that often accompanies tax season. What we produced is a set of three ads, photo and video, that were used across our ad channels, driving viewers to a campaign landing page. Here's what we came up with:


I worked with our Design Lead and Videographer to plan and produce the shoot. I was in charge of shoot logistics and conceptualizing, pitching, and building all sets. This included designing mockups to present to key stakeholders, sourcing all props within budget, and building the three sets for the shoot day.

For the campaign overall, it was my job to coordinate all efforts on the Brand team, from content to design, to ensure a smooth production process and cohesive final product. I designed the campaign landing page, as well as banner ads for our paid channels.