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January 6, 2022

Happy New Year! Things are sure different (again) these days, hey? I hope you were all able to enjoy the holiday season, however it looked this year. We spent Christmas in our new house which felt extremely cozy. There’s plenty of snow outside so my west-coast heart was pretty excited about the white Christmas. There’s been a lot of adjustment lately with buying a house, a big move, and travelling for projects, so it was nice to have some time off to really decompress.

I always love this time of year and the fresh start it can afford. Although nothing needs to change on January 1, and a lot can change on a random Tuesday if you want it to, I find it fun to use this time to reflect. My birthday comes quickly in the new year so that combination has always drawn me to introspection right about now. Plus, I love planning and goals 🤓. The main things I’m excited about in the next few months are decorating our new house, exploring the city, and planning for some travel once it feels ok. My best friend is having her second baby soon and I really want to get over there for a visit.

With all of the snow and cold weather here, I’m trying to learn to embrace the season rather than fight it. I’m used to a lot of rain but pretty mild temperatures year round. In our new climate, I think it could be fun to make the most of the snow & cold. Snowy walks, cozy evenings at home, experimenting with cooking lots of soups and other comfort foods, and building out a solid loungewear collection. It’s really easy to resent this weather but I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

The other thing I’m excited about is this new website! I had a long-standing blog back in the day that I since retired but I’ve been feeling the pull to create longer form content again. Social media can feel so fleeting so I’m looking forward to having a new home for my studio work as well as content. I’m planning to use this space for both short and long form content. Sometimes I’ll pop in with resources I’ve found and other times I’ll build out longer guides that will hopefully be helpful for your home and life. As I’m getting this thing going, I’d love to hear anything you’d be interested in seeing here. Do you find it hard to source a certain piece of furniture? Or maybe you’d like a little advice on where to spend and where to save in your home. Let me know!

Enjoy this month and see you around here soon 🙂

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