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Our New House


January 6, 2022

We moved into a new house recently and are excitedly making some changes and slowly filling in the gaps (there are a lot!). The house was built in 1917 and has some character and charm that we love. It’s in a central neighbourhood that’s walkable and close to cafes, wine bars, and shops. It was important to us to be somewhere we could walk around a lot, and so far we’ve been loving the area. Plus, we were on the hunt for an older home so it feels like we really checked off our tick-boxes.

We moved from a townhouse into a detached home and there is some more space than we’re used to. It’s been fun to imagine how we’d like this space to feel and to function for us now and down the road. We brought some of our favourite things but for the most part we have a fairly clean slate to work with.

Here are some corners of the new house that I’ve put some love into so far…

For this house, I’m focusing on curating vintage and antique pieces for our collection, that will work in multiple areas of the home over time. Also, I’m excited to work on some custom designs, like these throw pillows we have in the bedroom.

We chose to partially close in one portion of the walk through pantry off our kitchen, with an arched entrance. It adds some classic shape and interest to that wall while also giving us more enclosed storage space inside the pantry.

The view out of the walk through pantry is such a joy now!

In a future post I’ll lay out our overall inspiration for the design of the house and some future plans that we have.

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